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Train, bus and commercial vehicle air conditioning recycling stations Also for other refrigerants such as R404A , R407C, etc. Fastest charging and recovery unit in its class

EVO Bus aproval

              AR700                                               AR680      

AR Unit open for 10L N2 Bottle

Train, bus and commercial vehicle air conditioning recycling station like

Top Modell  AR690

latest genereation of refrigeration and air conditioning service.

Fully automatic service of: recovery, oil drain, nitrogen pressure test, vacuuming, vacuum pressure test, oil UV filling, refrigerant fill.

also available for other safety refrigerants like R404a, simply initiate internal cleaning. Oil and UV filling goes over small scale.

Include Thermo A7 printer and heat gas injection during recovery.




For two generations, CGS-Handschug GmbH
has provided the latest in refrigeration and air
conditioning technology and products to the automotive, commercial and industrial industry.
Our products are manufactured in accordance with all guidelines.
CGS-Handschug, we believe that training
our customers on the latest refigeration and air
conditioning products and techniques must be
continuous. We are committed to quality
customer care, and because we work closely
with our manufactures
CGS-Handschug is able
to offer our customers products that are specifially suited for their needs.We say with pride that we
are experts in our field.
We will happily answer any questions that you
may have.                           

Dipl. Ing. Sascha Handschug, Claus Handschug.

Leitung Buchhaltung, Gisela Handschug


Professional automatic

electronic leak detector  LS 4000

for refrigerants like R134a R404a R407 R410 and so on

For the new Gas R1234YF

For Testgas (95%N2 5%H2)






Diagnosis protection filter

SGLAS-2DIAGNOSE for direct clamping

to the A/C and for Oil Diagnosis.

Check out the oil and see, for example,

Sealant or pollution or different oils.

Can also be used as SGLAS-2MH


Demo Video






First- Full Automatic Flushing unit Type SG-AC3-B


The new powerful fully automatic Flushing unit is the easiest and most successfull Flushing unit. The Method of pulsation with shop-air or N2 and a powerful  liquid pump pushes the flushing liquid through the contaminated circuit. By using the correct flushing liquid  ( ERG-Flush ), the most effective cleaning of the system is obtained. The glass filter cleans the used flushing liquid during itīs circulation in the closed circulation of the system. The 12V DC power supply

with less than 12W our SG-AC3 is ideal for mobile use. Our 12V Battery B-12V is mounted inside.Our ERG-FLUSH will be pump through the internal pump into the system.

A fully automatic pulsation system makes the flushing more effective.

At the end the SG-AC3 purges the flushing fluid out. The liquid will be automatically cleaned by our special sight glass SGLASdepending on the size of system, three different programs can be chosen.

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Protection filter  


include Filter screen

and liquid seperation.

To protect against

dirt like spoon

and liquids like sealer

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Protect your recover devices and have a look at what you recover

Sets with filter & sight glass small type FLT01 to protect and visual inspection