News 2009!!!


first full automatic flushing unit     SG-AC2

The new powerful fully automatic Flush unit is the easiest and most successfull Flush unit. The Method of pulsation with shop-air and an powerfull  liquid pump pushed the flushing liquid through the contaminated circuit. By using the correct flushing liquid. (208016), the most effective cleaning of the system is obtained. The  glass filter- screen  cleans the used flushing liquid during its circulation in the closed loop of the system.

LED UV Spot Light aus Aluminium, mit sehr hellen

UV Lecksuche auf dem neusten Stand durch Fokussierung des UV Lichtes auf einem kleinem Punkt(6cm in 0,5m Entfernung)
ist diese LED UV Lampe für Ihre Größe die leistungsstärkste


newest electronic Leak detector 

for refrigerant (LS4000) or combustible gasesand H2 (GS4000)

• Heated semiconductors gas sensor
• High low leak sensitivity selector, 3 levels
  of sensitivity
• Bright LED display
• Ambient concentration reset
• Includes durable carrying case and reference 

Fully automatic Recycling Service Station for Bus-, Trucks- system  OEM aproval

After our AR200 and AR300 which is already known
at many Bus OEM here our new AR600.
Faster and easier in use.
Charging 10kg in less the 5minutes without deep vacuum,
fast recovery and big powerful 2 stage Vacuumpump are
our advantage.
- fastest charging unit
(120Kg/h, a 10kg Bus system need 5 minutes to charge)
- powerful 3/4PS compressor
- big refrigerant tank (40 Litre 30Kg)
- all service points are fast and easy to do
- fully automatic function from Recovery, Oil drain, Vacuum,
Vacuum test, Oil injection and charging in one step.
manual function of all these steps
Oil injection over time measurement
(Very exact and no problem with broken oil scales)
very strong Tank scale 100kg


Protect your Recover Equipment



To protect your recover Service Unit against contaminants from swarf 
from compressor and so on we introduced SGLAS