Sealers for A/C - & Commercial Systems

It is is a familiar problem !!

You cannot find the leak even though you know it is there and the system is losing refrigerant. You have already searched for this leak with an electronic leak detector or with UV-Dye and a lamp, but without any success!

Alternatively you have found the leak but
to fix it will cost more than the system is

SUPER SEAL is the Answer !!

A quick and easy solution for fixing very small leaks on systems which are losing no more than 10 % to 15 % of its total charge per month. It is compatible with all refrigerants and oils because SUPER SEAL has no chemical reaction with any ot these products.

It only reacts with moisture or condensation when it comes out of the source of the leak.

Procedure for use:
- Recover refrigerant.
- Change the Filterdryer.
- Make a good vacuum.
- Charge SUPER SEAL as per the
- Re-charge refrigerant.
- Run the system for a minimum of 30

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